What is Dagorhir?

What is Dagorhir?

"The system developed by Dagorhir Outdoor Improvizational Dark Age Battle Games in 1978, encouraged improvizational acting (characterization) on the battle field but left it up to the individuals to determine if these were historical based persona or fantasy based characters. The system has since spread to many groups, each deciding whether to emphasize history or fantasy." from the Aratari home page.

According to legend, the Battle Lord Aratar founded the first Dagorhir group in Maryland in the 1970s ( the exact date is a little fuzzy) and to this day they bear the name of the founder: the Aratari.


Modern day Dagorhir stresses not only the physical side of battle and conquest, but also imagination and quickness of the mind. Each member is encouraged (required, in some groups) to create a persona. The individual chooses a name and background for his or her persona, and that is their "character," or as some like to put it, their part in the play. It is much like a story in which we all act out our part. Some people call it Live Action Role Playing, which is also applicable. Most often, we are compared the Society for Creative Anachronisms. This is less applicable. While the SCA prides itself on historical veracity, we tend to emphasize the fantasy aspect a bit more, though this varies from group to group.


Our weapons are padded, and because of that, no armor is necessary to fight. However, it does provide protection against weapon strikes "in game," so it is worth checking in to. Also, armor is an art form, and is well worth studying. Garb is required, however, and it is recommended that you seek out a good book on period clothing or find some good fantasy art to build a pattern. Most folks will in the group will be able to give you a hand with anything you need.

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